Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the first encounter with cheesecake

Believe it or not
in my 22 years of existence here in this world
I have never been tasted a cheesecake

and its just now that I became curious about it
and since ive been hearing it
and just by hearing cheesecake itself
makes me drool already

Ingredients I used:
Cream cheese
whipped cream
crushed graham crackers
unsalted butter

Procedure according to my own instincts:
Mixed Whipped cream and cream cheese
Mixed crushed graham,sugar and butter (in a different bowl)
In a container I placed the mixed graham and freeze it in 10 min
Poured the Cream into the freezed graham
refrigerate it in 6-8 hours
In a sauce pan, mixed bite sized chopped peaches and honey
mix until its glossy and gluey in consistency
Let the peach sauce cooled down into room temperature
If the cake is ready...meaning frozen *^_^
pour the peach sauce
I have my first peach cheese cake

I was expecting a chedarry cheese taste
like the salty and creamy mixed together
but the cream cheese is different
but Im still happy with my first ever no bake cheese cake

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