Saturday, February 18, 2012

FOOD QUICKIE: Potato loves Nuggets

tips: I use spoon to remove the skin of the potato
it doesn't only save the amount of potato but also the amount of
nutrients (yeah)
I boiled the potato...then

from what I imagined....and what taste would it be like.....
I tried to mix butter,cheese , boiled eggs, shreaded chicken and vegetable leafs (pechay)
added salt and pepper to taste

the butter and cheese gave a distinct flavor..making it more creamier

I mixed all together and it was amazing I got
lots of different shades of color yellow..
bright: boiled egg yolk
light: mashes potato

then I fried some chicken nuggets!
placed it on a tissue paper to reduce the oil

and wallah!!!!
the lunch is all ready!....

when i tasted it, i was looking for an acidity
the food that i invented had an amazing texture
but the flavor has no distinction..
all i could taste was the potato and eggs
in short, the taste is blunt..

if you will try to do this simple dish...
i suggest that you should try to add olive oil and lemon..
it would arrive in a very interesting flavor! ^=^

I hope you had an amazing
eyegasms (where the hell did it came from?) on my food photos

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