Monday, February 27, 2012

Milk FIsh Fillet + Blueberry crepe

Just a while ago this meal is just like this...

Milk Fish..

look at my unprofessional fillet cut
I just learned that from watching cooking shows
unfortunately..i didn't have a super sharp knife
so if you are going to make one like this!
make sure that your knife is you'll get the
nice edges

I failed filleting the other side..X_X!♥

I marinated it with calamansi juice
salt and pepper
put it in a batter

added some chinese parsley/cilantro (love the smell)

and breaded it with..cornstarch

Fried in a medium heat pan with olive oil
3 minutes each side

white goat cheese
pickles minced
more cilantro/chinese parsle/kintsay
(what was the real translation of kintsay?)
pinch of sugar, pepper, salt

Blueberry crepe
I included vanilla flavor in the batter
and made blueberry filling
just plain blueberry and sugar and lemon juice

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