Friday, March 9, 2012

Porridge with Pork and Egg

Porridge is a very common comfort food...
this is my first time cooking porridge
and Id like to make a big changes and big bites
by adding bite sizes pork and egg..
because I usually had eaten porridge with just
strips of doing it in chunks

I boiled the pork...with garlic, white onion, salt and pepper
(just keeping it simple..) wait until pork is tender...
set aside the tender pork and slice it in bite sizes
dont you DARE throw the broth...

wash the rice and instead of putting water...put the broth

mix so that rice will not stick to the want to eat all the rice right?
so pieces of rice going to waste...

serve while hot...
you can just add more pepper
after...some would have calamansi juice and soy sauce
some would put fish sauce.

this is just a simple porridge..
its up to you to
pimp it according to your taste

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